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Performance Feedback sessions are an essential aspect of the Performance Ethic. They acknowledge the importance of what the person does and how that contributes to team goals – and thereby keep his interest alive. Research shows that performance declines when no feedback is provided over extended periods of time. These sessions allow the manager to bring to the employees awareness aspects of his job that he is handling well and those where he is lagging behind. And they allow the employee to bring to the managers notice additional resources or professional development required. However, badly handled sessions can de-motivate and alienate team members and create conflict.

“Feedback is going on all the time through body language and actions – but most of it is unsaid, and often misinterpreted.”

Our program helps the participants:

  • Why people avoid giving and receiving feedback?
  • Understand why Performance Feedback sessions are important?    
  • Discover how to plan for them?
  • Distinguish between constructive and destructive feedback
  • Practice the principles of giving feedback
  • Practice the principles of receiving feedback
  • Identify and avoid common mistakes in giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn to give both negative and positive feedback