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We are all faced with difficult people at any point in our lives – aggressive people in positions of power who cause us anxiety; submissive people in positions of responsibility who do not state their opposing viewpoint causing us loss or damage; people who frustrate us with their selfishness or arrogance; people who harm us by spreading rumours about us, by going back on their commitment, by cheating, by stealing our ideas and taking credit due to us....the list is endless. Some of us can afford to avoid these people by running away, but that is not a real solution. We must learn to confront them and deal with them!

Our program helps the participants:
  • Learn to assess the reality of the situation
  • Practice giving “constructive feedback” to bring the situation to the person’s awareness
  • Practice “assertiveness” to get your way without infringing on others rights
  • Learn the situational use of various “influencing strategies”
  • Understand the use of “laws of power”
  • Learn giving without getting taken for a ride
  • Refuse to “take the monkey on your shoulder”
  • Manage and resolve “conflict”
  • Conversational control to channelize towards logical, productive and desirable conclusions

“Difficult situations show us the truth of our character”