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Yadhav Mehra is an MBA who after several years in a challenging and successful corporate career made a conscious decision to pursue his “swadharma”- his own nature and calling.
He realised that though he was achieving the best sales and collections targets, efficiently running big teams, keeping his people highly motivated and inspired, rising up the corporate ladder and earning the associated rewards, travelling and getting well exposed - his heart was in what came most naturally to him and what he enjoyed the most– training!
“I am very pleased with the way this workshop went. I have attended several workshops in my life and this one was equal if not better than the best that I have earlier attended. In fact, I was planning to fly down a trainer from UK and am glad that I did not do it."

-Mr. Alan Grant,
Managing Director, Canon India

"Our brief was well understood and the way it was turned into a very relevant interactive and entertaining workshop proved to be the key to its success. People now think not only about how they do their own job but also its impact on other team members. Your workshops are now an integral part of our training program with all of our staff eager to participate."

-Terry O'Connor
Regional Managing Director,
William E. Connor & Associates

"We've been associated with Yadhav since several years now and he's a favourite among those we've worked with in the Learning & Development area. It's hard to find someone who is not just a credible trainer but truly a people's person. Because of his personable nature he is spontaneously embraced by participants as a trainer and this helps establish early connection and rapport. At the same time his training content is solid & relevant, yet simple enough to be easily understood and applied."

Subir Vyas
Director - Human Resources
Gap International Sourcing India Pvt. Ltd